FIRE MAIDENS FROM OUTER SPACE (1956) Reviews and overview


Fire Maidens from Outer Space is a 1956 British science fiction feature film written, produced and directed by American filmmaker Cy Roth. Also known as Fire Maidens of Outer Space

The film stars Anthony Dexter as the lead astronaut, Susan Shaw as a “fire maiden” who befriends him, Paul Carpenter as the expedition captain, and Jacqueline Curtis as the “fire maiden” leader. There were thirteen additional “fire maidens”.

fire maidens of outer space


Fire Maidens of Outer Space is occasionally cited as a “worst movie ever made,” and not, perhaps, undeservedly. FMOS is one of those films written, produced and directed all by the same person. This seldom spells success. Cy Roth had very limited prior experience as either a screenwriter, a producer or a director. As such, his big solo venture has an awkward amateurism to it.” Classic Sci-Fi Movies

“A remake of Cat-Women of the Moon that premiered a scant three years after Cat was first released, Fire Maidens from Outer Space is a British version set on the thirteenth moon of Jupiter instead of Earth’s moon. It’s also about a half hour longer, worse, and more annoying to sit through than its “inspiration” ever thought about being”. Monster Hunter

fire maidens from outer space

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Fire Maidens is boring, paced like a crippled snail, and lacks any type of plausibility. The characters are two dimensional, sexists, shallow, and completely unlikable. The “Beast” is a contemptuous half-hearted attempt at a “monster”. An absolute piece of trash from the 1950′s. I could NEVER recommend that anybody ever see this snore-fest.” The Monster Shack

“Even the most dedicated connoisseurs of the artless are likely to find this British attempt at science fiction something of a strain on their patience.” Monthly Film Bulletin

“The film is even worse than its title and the combination of awful script, awful acting and awful special effects make watching it a real endurance test.” Alan Frank, The Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Handbook, Batsford, 1982