Dog Soldiers – UK, 2002 – reviews

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Dog Soldiers is a 2002 British supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Neil Marshall (The Descent), and starring Kevin McKidd, Sean Pertwee and Liam Cunningham.

A couple are camping in the Scottish Highlands. The woman gives the man a silver letter opener as a present, soon after they are attacked in their tent. Meanwhile, Private Cooper is seen running through a forest in North Wales. He attacks his pursuers, but is overwhelmed and wrestled to the ground. It turns out Cooper was trying to join the special forces, but fails when he refuses to shoot a dog. He is returned to unit by Captain Richard Ryan.

Four weeks later, a squad of six regular British Army soldiers, including Cooper, is dropped into the Scottish Highlands. Expecting to carry out a training mission against an SAS unit, they only find their savaged remains. The single survivor, Captain Ryan, makes cryptic references to what attacked them. It is noticed that he has been wounded. Unseen antagonists make their presence known as they attack the troops.

The squad encounters Megan, a zoologist, who takes them to a lonely house. As darkness arrives, the house is surrounded by the attackers: to the soldiers’ incredulity, these are revealed to be werewolves…

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” …some truly memorable scenes including an excellent transformation sequence, great shadow play involving the wolves, plenty of gore and blood, plot twists galore, and an exciting and very tense climax that will keep you with your jaw hanging to the floor. “Dog Soldiers” is a true horror feast, it’s one of the best, coolest, most action-packed horror films in years.” Felix Vasquez Jr., Cinema Crazed

“From its grisly preface to its unrelenting, overcooked finale, Neil Marshall’s very violent, very funny horror comedy bristles with fierce energy. Bloody, and bloody good.” Total Film

“As the perfect Friday night movie, Dog Soldiers is full of boisterous energy, some really disgusting moments (Pertwee’s cry of “sausages!” is unforgettable), and some clever-clever genre in-jokes. Clearly low budget British horror is alive and well – if a little sick’.” BBC Films


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” …just about the best straight-up, old-school horror film of the last 15 years… bloody and gory and insanely violent. Tim Cogshell, Boxoffice Magazine

“Image’s werewolf costumes are terrific; steering clear of both hairy-bloke-with-claws and full lupine transformation. Instead, the design harks back to medieval woodcuts of a human figure with a wolf’s head, making these werewolves as distinctive as they are frightening. Dog Soldiers is a genuinely scary movie.” MJ Simpson, Urban Terrors: New British Horror Cinema

Urban Terrors New British Horror Cinema M.J. Simpson. Hemlock Film Book

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Cast and characters;

  • Sean Pertwee … Sgt. Harry G. Wells – Howl; The Seasoning House; Wilderness
  • Kevin McKidd … Pvt. Cooper
  • Emma Cleasby … Megan
  • Liam Cunningham … Captain Ryan
  • Thomas Lockyer … Cpl. Bruce Campbell
  • Darren Morfitt … ‘Spoon’ Witherspoon
  • Chris Robson … Pvt. Joe Kirkley
  • Leslie Simpson … Pvt. Terry Milburn
  • Tina Landini … Camper
  • Craig Conway … Camper
  • Villrikke’s Acer … Sam the Dog
  • Bryn Walters … Werewolf
  • Ben Wright … Werewolf
  • Brian Claxton Payne … Werewolf

Filming locations:

Although set in the Scottish highlands, it was filmed almost entirely in Luxembourg.


The film contains homages to H.G. Wells and the films The Evil DeadZuluAliensThe Matrix and Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.

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  1. This is my favourite! It’s more of a soldier movie with werewolves than your typical werewolf movie. It’s clever, funny, exciting– they all did an amazing job with it! Cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched this!

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