THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES(1965) Reviews and overview


‘Doomed to walk the earth as slaves to the lord of the living dead!!!’

The Plague of the Zombies is a 1965 British Hammer horror feature film directed by John Gilling back-to-back with The Reptile. The Hammer-Seven Arts production stars André Morell, John Carson, Jacqueline Pearce, Brook Williams and Michael Ripper.


The film is notable for its seminal imagery, which influenced many films in the zombie sub-genre, and the plot themes of colonialism, exploitation and tyranny.

Scream Factory released The Plague of the Zombies on Blu-ray on January 15, 2019. The package features a reversible cover with alternative poster art, plus special features:

  • Audio commentary with filmmakers Constantine Nasr and Ted Newsom and film historian Steve Haberman (new)
  • Audio commentary with author/film historian Troy Howarth (new)
  • World of Hammer – Mummies, Werewolves & The Living Dead
  • Raising the Dead: The Making of The Plague of the Zombies
  • Restoration comparison
  • Theatrical trailers
  • Still gallery


In a Cornish village during the mid-1800s, the inhabitants of the town are dying from a mysterious plague that seems to be spreading at an accelerated rate. Even the local doctor, Peter Thompson, cannot combat the disease.

Plague of the Zombies sacrifice

Alarmed, Thompson sends for outside help from his friend Sir James Forbes. Accompanying Sir James is his daughter Sylvia. In an attempt to learn more about the disease, Sir James and Doctor Thompson disinter the corpses that were recently buried. To their surprise, the men find all the coffins empty!

The Plague of the Zombies 3

Conducting further investigations on the mystery lead the doctors to encounter zombies walking near an old, deserted tin mine on the estate of Squire Clive Hamilton. Sir James is informed that the squire lived in Haiti for several years and practised voodoo rituals, as well as black magic…

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Never slacking for a moment, Plague… is one of Hammer’s most impressive movies -– atmospheric, sometimes gruesome and action-packed -– even James Bernard, not the most subtle of composers at the best of times, seems to be pulling out all the stops here with a soundtrack that is almost combustible in its franticness. Carson and Morrell dominate the cast as two sides of Hammer’s upper classes – the dependable hero and the decadent, unsavoury villain.


The politics of Hammer’s horrors are often fascinating, and never more so than here, where the rich really are exploiting the working classes and where ostentatious wealth is intimately connected to a more general decadence.

David Flint, MOVIES and MANIA


Other reviews:

” …the film delivered a frightening, gothic spin on the zombie mythos. With a class-based sense of social commentary, it foreshadowed much of the stylistic shifts that would soon be occurring in the genre. Employing chilling effects, rich production design and a discordantly eerie score by James Bernard, the picture wowed audiences and created a lasting impression.” Bloody Disgusting

” …a turning point in Hammer’s history, where the production values familiar from the company’s late ’50s classics combine with a more visceral and immediate style of horror.” Marcus Hearn, The Hammer Vault


‘The bleak mine setting provides the perfect environment for these memorable zombies, who represent the screen’s first troop of moldy zombies, even if the mood is ultimately diffused by the safe and comfortable atmosphere of Hammer’s glossy production values and conservative insistence on order and rationality.” Peter Dendle, The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia

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plague of the zombies

“Gilling’s direction and Arthur Grant’s prowling camera set a feverish tone and gradually more and more sequences are shown framed through doors, fences, shelves and with objects and faces looming large in the foreground. Often the actors and camera engage in a well-choreographed dance.” Frank Collins, Cathode Ray Tube




“Much has been said of The Plague of the Zombies‘ influence on genre landmark Night of the Living Dead, made in 1968. A unique and shocking experiment in pushing the parameters of Hammer horror, The Plague of the Zombies perhaps deserves greater recognition in its own right.” Marcus Hearn, Alan Barnes, The Hammer Story


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“John Gilling has contrived some truly terrifying effects.” The Daily Cinema, 29 December 1965

“Like nearly all Hammer films, this is very well staged, and one or two of the action scenes are as good as anything in the way of cinematic excitement.” The Kinematograph Weekly, 30 December 1965

plague of the zombies

The Plague of the Zombies Poster

plague of the zombies

The Plague of the Zombies 2


Cast and characters:

André Morell … Sir James Forbes (The Mummy’s Shroud)
Diane Clare … Sylvia Forbes
Brook Williams … Doctor Peter Tompson
Jacqueline Pearce … Alice Mary Tompson
John Carson … Squire Clive Hamilton
Alexander Davion … Denver (as Alex Davion)
Michael Ripper … Sergeant Jack Swift
Marcus Hammond … Tom Martinus
Dennis Chinnery … Constable Christian
Louis Mahoney … Coloured Servant
Roy Royston … Vicar
Ben Aris … John Martinus
Tim Condren … Young blood
Bernard Egan … Young blood
Norman Mann … Young blood
Francis Willey … Young blood
Jerry Verno … Landlord

Production notes:

Filming ended on 6th September 1965. It was trade shown on 20th December 1965 and the film was released on 9th January 1966 on a double-bill with Dracula: Prince of Darkness.

Some of the Blu-ray screengrabs above are courtesy of Cathode Ray Tube

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