EQUINOX (1970) Reviews and overview


‘Occult barrier between good and evil’

Equinox is a 1970 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Dennis Muren. It was originally shot in 1967 under the title The Equinox… A Journey into the Supernatural.

Producer Jack H. Harris (The Blob) was impressed enough to agree to finance new footage for the film with writer-director Jack Woods and released it in 1970.

The movie stars Edward Connell, Barbara Hewitt, Frank Bonner and writer Fritz Leiber.

Special effects were provided by Dave Allen and Jim Danforth who later worked on Flesh Gordon, in which he animated a giant monster similar to the ones in Equinox.


Four young adults – Dave, Susan, Jim and Jim’s girlfriend – head into the woods to look for a lost scientist, Doctor Arthur Watermann. The friends have a picnic and glimpse a mysterious castle in the woods. They find that Doctor Watermann’s cabin seems to have been destroyed.

A forest ranger, who is Asmodeus in human form, watches over the teenagers. When the group stumbles into a cave, a strange old man presents them with an ancient book filled with magical lore and symbols.

Asmodeus sends monsters–a giant ape-like creature with cloven hooves, and a giant green-skinned fur-clad creature–to retrieve the book from them at all costs. The ape-like creature kills the old man. The castle seems to have disappeared, however the friends discover that it has been rendered invisible by magic…