NAZIS AT THE CENTER OF THE EARTH (2012) Reviews and overview


‘Dead… but not gone.’

Nazis at the Center of the Earth is a 2012 American science-fiction horror-action feature film directed by Joseph J. Lawson (Age of Dinosaurs; Clash of the Empires) from a screenplay written by prolific co-producer Paul Bales (100 Million BC; Legion of the Dead; Killers 2: The Beast). Produced by The Asylum, the movie stars Dominique Swain and Jake Busey. It was reissued as SS Troopers

nazis at center of earth

Unlike other Asylum films, this one is a mockbuster of the popular PC game Wolfenstein 3D which shares the same story and characters of undead zombies set to take over the world. The movie goes so far as to have Robot Hitler, the same enemy that may be found at the end of Wolfenstein 3D. The story also shares similarities to the film Iron Sky.


A group of researchers in Antarctica are abducted by a platoon of gas-masked soldiers wearing swastika armbands and dragged into a hidden continent in the centre of the Earth. There, they discover that Doctor Josef Mengele and group of surviving Nazi soldiers are plotting an invasion of Earth to create a Fourth Reich…

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“The set-up may be silly, but what happens to some of these researchers is quite grisly and disturbing … This is not your typical Asylum film… At least until we hit the 56-minute mark when everything goes positively nutzoid. Non-stop lunacy for the last half-hour once that fateful minute reveals the movie’s biggest and most splendidly ludicrous surprise.” Dread Central

“…this movie turned out to be absolutely mad in all the right ways, a deliriously ridiculous slice of hokum. In fact, it’s SO hilarious and over the top that I couldn’t help thinking I’d already seen it all done before in an episode of Futurama.” For It Is Man’s Number

“…it’s rarely dull. As it jumps from a war thriller to an adventure to mad science horror to sci-fi/action, there’s precious little time for the usual Asylum elements … There aren’t even too many lengthy talking scenes, and the few that exist are usually given to the guy playing Josef Mengele, who is probably the best actor in the film.” Horror Movie a Day

“I have to admit that the sight of a second-rate Hitler Transformer running around and lopping people’s heads off is pretty funny. Once the Nazis start flying around in a giant flying saucer, Nazis at the Center of the Earth more or less goes off the rails, but overall, it offers up a decent amount of sleazy amusement.” The Video Vacuum

Cast and characters:

• Dominique Swain … Dr Paige Morgan
• Jake Busey … Dr Adrian Riestad
• Joshua Michael Allen … Dr Lucas Moss (as Josh Allen)
• Christopher Karl Johnson … Dr Josef Mengele (as Christopher K. Johnson)
• James Maxwell Young … Adolf Hitler (as James Maxwell)
• Lilan Bowden … May Yun
• Marlene Okner … Silje Lagesen
• Adam Burch … Dr Mark Maynard
• Maria Pallas … Angela Magliarossa
• Abderrahim Halaimia … Rahul Jumani
• Trevor Kuhn … Brian Moak
• Andre Tenerelli … Aaron Blechman
• Chris Sanders … Lieutenant (as Cristofer Sanders)
• Keith Allan Wilber … Sergeant
• Kevin Allen … Soldier

Technical details:

• 89 minutes
• Audio: Dolby Digital
• Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1