THE DEAD NEXT DOOR (1988) Reviews and overview


The Dead Next Door is a 1988 American zombie horror film written and directed by J.R. Bookwalter (The Sandman).

An elite team of soldiers, the “Zombie Squad,” have been enlisted by the government to deal with a growing epidemic of the undead, while scientists work towards a cure for the virus that creates them.

The squad must also fight against a religious cult which wishes to protect and enable the zombies, believing them to be a punishment ordained by God. Many of the characters are named after people who have made their marks in the horror and zombie movie fields, such as Savini, Romero, Raimi and King…


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‘The movie ekes out a lot of production value considering its pretty much non-existent budget. Cramming in so many undead extras adds a scope that a lot of low-budget zombie flicks lack, and the splatter effects are really ambitious. Budgetary limitations do creep in, but the movie doesn’t shy away from dumping buckets of blood all over the screen…’ DVD Talk

‘ … the sheer amount of zombie action is unparalleled. Even some of Romero’s films didn’t have as many shootings, dismemberments, and beheadings as this one does. And the effects are quite impressive, particularly the squib work.’ Horror Movie a Day