IT HAPPENED AT LAKEWOOD MANOR aka ANTS! (1977) Reviews and overview



It Happened at Lakewood Manor – aka Panic at Lakewood Manor and Ants! is a 1977 American made-for-television ecological horror feature film directed by Robert Sheerer for Alan Landsburgh Productions. The movie stars Robert Foxworth (ProphecyDamien: Omen II), Lynda Day George (Pieces; Cruise into TerrorDay of the Animals), Suzanne Somers, Myrna Loy, Brian Dennehy and Bernie Casey (Gargoyles).


After ingesting a powerful insecticide an army of ants attacks a local hotel…



“Of course, Ants! is pretty weak as a horror/thriller: since it was made for TV, there just couldn’t be too much Good Stuff. The closest we get to anything remotely icky is the sight of (partly) nude Suzanne Somers being covered in ants (a scene, of course, highlighted on the VHS box), and even that scene is over way too quickly. In between its all talk talk talk…” Rob Kelly

“As lame as it gets, it should be noted that there were many theatrical animal disaster flicks that are far less entertaining. Ultimately, any movie that features anything remotely resembling an L.D.G. freak-out deserves mucho attention!” Kindertrauma

Cast and characters:

Robert Foxworth … Mike Carr
Lynda Day George … Valerie Adams
Gerald Gordon … Tony Fleming
Bernie Casey … Vince
Barry Van Dyke … Richard Cyril
Karen Lamm … Linda Howard
Myrna Loy … Ethel
Anita Gillette … Peggy Kenter
Steve Franken … White
Brian Dennehy … Fire Chief
Suzanne Somers … Gloria
Bruce French … Tom
Barbara Brownell … Marjorie
Stacy Keach Sr. … Doc (as Stacey Keach Sr.)
René Enríquez … Luis (as Rene Enriquez)
Moosie Drier … Tommy
Vincent Cobb … Peter
Jim Storm … Attendant

Filming locations:

The College Inn, Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada

Fun Facts:

Veteran Hollywood stuntman and second-unit director Conrad E. Palmisano was buried alive for one scene. With his only source of oxygen coming from a small garden hose connected to him underground, he gave strict instructions to the surrounding film crew: “Bury me once, bury me good. I only want to do this once”.


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