BLOOD TIES (1991) Reviews and overview


‘Only revenge is sweeter than blood.’

Blood Ties is a 1991 made-for-television film directed by Jim McBride. It is a story about a modern vampire family who hail from Carpathia.

The family try to assimilate into American life in Long Beach, California, however, their lives are upset when a sinister group of hunters kill a member of their extended kin and threaten to come after them. The film is

It is hinted that the Carpathian families are the people who inspired all the myths about vampires. They are descended from Lilith (first wife of Adam before Eve) and Asmodeus (King of the Nine Hells) and have inherited healing abilities as well as above average human strength.

They consider the word ‘vampire’ to be a racist term against their kind and have strict rules against breeding with anyone outside their race. The Carpathian families are divided into a council of Elders, the more timid family members and their vicious young blood who taken on the form of a biker gang called the Shrikes.

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