DR. CALIGARI (1989) Reviews and overview


Doctor Caligari is a 1989 American film by Stephen Sayadian starring Madeleine Reynal, Laura Albert, Gene Zerna, David Parry and Jennifer Balgobin. It is a semi-sequel to the movie The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari. The film details a disturbed doctor (the granddaughter of the original Doctor Caligari) and her illegal experiments on her patients.

Doctor Caligari is conducting experiments with her patients at the C.I.A (Caligari Insane Asylum) where she transfers glandular brain fluids from one patient to another.


Two of her main patients, Mr. Pratt, a cannibalistic serial killer, and Mrs. Van Houten, a sex-obsessed housewife, are the primary subjects of her mind-swapping. Mrs. Van Houten becomes the cannibal and Mr. Pratt the nymphomaniac; although, they seem to still retain some elements of themselves as well. Apparently Caligari’s unconventional idea is to cure people by introducing equally opposite traits to balance out disturbed minds, but this is never implicitly stated…



“Ultimately, Doctor Caligari is a flighty little movie that never takes itself the slightest bit seriously. Its overarching message seems to be “never seek psychiatric advice from a doctor who dresses in a vinyl minidress with metal cones covering her breasts.” It’s well worth a watch if you’re looking for something sexy, surreal and silly…” 366 Weird Movies


” …the eye-catching colours, the surreal art direction, the Mitchell Froom score, and the exaggerated dialogue all seemed to join forces for the sole purpose of making my damp places even damper. Seriously, the film is bursting with creativity.” House of Self Indulgence

Image thanks: House of Self Indulgence