PSYCHO HOLOCAUST (2009) Reviews and overview


Psycho Holocaust is a 2009 American slasher horror film written, edited and directed by Krist Rufty. The movie stars Raine Browne, Trent Haaga, Vanelle and Billy Garberina.


A group of young friends decide to spend a special weekend at an isolated country lake house only to discover a group of psychotic lunatics with an insatiable lust for blood…


‘Psycho Holocaust is a silly throwback to throwbacks, often recycling, parodying and referencing material probably twice removed from its original use.” Oh-the-Horror!

“The arch of the narrative is not much more than your standard by the numbers body count film. And while there is an air a familiarity to the story at hand. The one area in which film does set itself apart from other films of its ilk is in its level of ferocity in its kills scenes, which go for the jugular and then some.” 10kBullets

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