GAG (2006) Reviews and overview


‘Dying is easy… staying alive is torture’

Gag is a 2006 independent American horror feature film written by Kirk Sever and directed by Scott W. Mckinlay. The film stars Brian Kolodziej, Gerald Emerick, Vince Marinelli and Amy Wehrell. Film director Chad Ferrin was a co-producer.


Two burglars, Tony (Vince Marinelli) and Detroit (Scott W. Mckinlay), break in a house to steal the contents of a safe in the basement. The thieves discover a man gagged and tied to a mattress. Initially, the pair speculate whether the apparent victim is actually participating in a kinky game but eventually decide to free him.

Attacked and knocked out by the seeming owner of the house, they awake to find themselves trapped too. Their attacker is revealed to be Wade (Gerald Emerick), a seemingly sadistic maniac. However, the burglars manage to escape and the man – who identifies himself as Brian (Brian Kolodziej) – says that Wade has captured his sister Stacy (Amy Wehrell)…