THE FLYING SERPENT (1946) Reviews and overview

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‘Relic of an ancient terror born a billion years ago!’

The Flying Serpent is a 1945 American horror film directed by Sam Newfield [as Sherman Scott] from a screenplay by John T. Neville for Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC). The film is also known as Killer with Wings (American recut version). It was released 1st February 1946.

Flying Serpent-George-Zucco

The film stars George Zucco, Ralph Lewis, Hope Kramer, Eddie Acuff, Wheaton Chambers, James Metcalf, Henry Hall, Milton Kibbee, Budd Buster and Terry Frost.


Insane archaeologist Professor Andrew Forbes (George Zucco) uses an ancient beast he unearthed to kill his enemies. The creature is the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. Slowly those who know this try to stop the maniac and his monster…


‘The combo of Sam Newfield and George Zucco yet again yields a cut-rate “horror” film that is only horrible in its production value and its utterly mediocre acting. Only the twitchy and obviously guilty Zucco portrays his character interestingly, the rest of the cast is a case study in wooden acting. That being said, I do love cheesy monsters and this film gives you a lot of cheesy monster attacks in 59 minutes.’ Cheap as They Come


“Sure, it’s silly. But it’s also fun. The monster itself isn’t much bigger than a seagull, and it looks like a cross between a sick bat and a diseased vulture. Half the time you can barely see it, and the other half you can see the strings. The characters, plot, and the dialogue are all formula.” David Elroy Goldweber, Claws & Saucers


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Choice dialogue:

Doctor Lambert: “One can’t chase birds and women at the same time you know!”

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