INVASION OF THE STAR CREATURES (1962) Reviews and overview

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Invasion of the Star Creatures is a 1962 science fiction comedy film directed by actor Bruno VeSota (he also directed The Brain Eaters) from a screenplay written by Jonathan Haze (Blood Bath; Not of This Earth; It Conquered the World) based on his story story ‘Monsters from Nicholson Mesa’.

The movie stars Bob Ball (Grim Prairie Tales; Doctor Death: Seeker of Souls; The Brain Eaters), Frankie Ray (End of the World), Gloria Victor (Chatterbox!) and Dolores Ree.

The film was released theatrically by American International Pictures as a double feature with The Brain That Wouldn’t Die. A TV version was titled Women from Outer Space

Private Philbrick and Private Penn are stuck in monotonous assignments at Fort Nicholson, a U.S. Army base near the Nicholson Mesa. The privates are assigned to a scouting mission that requires the inspection of a newly discovered cavern that was located near the base.


Philbrick and Penn are part of an expeditionary squadron, but become separated from their fellow soldiers. The privates are attacked by strange creatures that take them to an alien spacecraft occupied by Amazonian women from the planet Chalar.

Two of the aliens, Professor Puna and Doctor Tanga, reveal they arrived on Earth with the goal of conquering the planet. Philbrick and Penn discover their fellow soldiers have been captured by the aliens. The privates accidentally discover that kissing the aliens leaves them temporarily powerless. After a rapid kissing session, Philbrick and Penn escape from the spaceship and its inhabitants…

“Any movie with two legitimately giant hotties, wild-eyed carrot monsters, cheap laser guns, and “electronic noise” by Jack Cookerly and Elliott Fisher (aka Jack Loose), peace pipe toking Native Americans, boozing and crazy theremin music can’t be all bad.” Acidemic

“To call Invasion of the Star Creatures a lame, inept comedy is to insult lame, inept comedies. There is so little humor in this film that they would have been better off trying to play the story straight with just a wink and a nod a la Queen of Outer Space.” Eccentric Cinema

“Part of the problem is that the comic leads (Bob Ball and Frankie Ray) simply aren’t appealing enough to keep us amused with their second-rate Leo Gorcey/Huntz Hall shtick. Part of the problem is that the clunky direction plays up every gag as a major laugh riot when some of them will only work if they are thrown away…” Fantastic Movie Musings and Ramblings


“What makes it so hellish is that it was intended to be a comedy, but there is absolutely nothing funny about it. Horror, sci-fi, action, romance— movies in those genres can fail at their intended purpose, and still succeed as accidental comedy. But if you aim for laughs and fail, there really is nowhere else to go from there… ” 1000 Misspent Hours

“It is not long into Invasion of the Star Creatures when you realise that you are watching one of the great unrecognised bad movies of all time. The comedy in the film quickly slides into the painful […] n some of the most extreme examples of sexism in this alien women niche, the women’s brains short circuit when are kissed and they seem to momentarily lose all capacity for reason.” Moria

” …Invasion of the Star Creatures is more amiably stupid than out and out terrible […] You have to admit, though, that the two girls are awe-inspiring. Not that that’s enough reason to watch this one […] Unless you are looking for something very, very silly.” Rivets on the Poster

Invasion of the Star Creatures is fitfully amusing.  The opening scenes are good for a chuckle and the alien costumes are a hoot, yet too much of the movie is just too damned dumb for its own good […] Another problem is that a lot of the humor comes from ripping off infinitely superior comedians.” The Video Vacuum


Cast and characters:
Robert Ball … Private Philbrick
Frank Ray Perilli … Private Penn
Gloria Victor … Doctor Puna
Dolores Reed … Professor Tanga
Trustin Howard … Sergeant
Mark Ferris … Colonel Thomas Awol
Lenore Bond … WAC

Filming locations:
Bronson Caves, Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park – 4730 Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles, California

Technical details:
70 minutes | 80 minutes (TV)
Black and white
Aspect ratio: 1.66: 1
Audio: Mono

Some image credits: Rivets on the Poster

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