ZOMBIE GIRL: THE MOVIE (2009) Reviews and overview


Zombie Girl: The Movie is a 2008 American documentary about the making of the 2006 film Pathogen which was directed by Emily Hagins, who was twelve years-old at the time. The film chronicles young Emily’s two year struggle complete her feature-length zombie film, Pathogen.


‘Zombie Girl: The Movie isn’t so much about a wunderkind as it is an ode to the trials and tribulations of movie-making. Filtering it through the lens of such a young artist is really the hook. Emily Hagins may one day be an incredibly successful director, but I think it’s more likely that she’s a harbinger for a new age of filmmaking.’ Days of Docs

‘We get to view the mother becoming a little tired and frustrated at one point in the production, but it would’ve done well for the movie to document more of the conflicts brought on by halts in production and so forth. Emily herself should’ve been interviewed more too. I would’ve liked to have known what inspired her specific script, besides a crush on a movie called Undead. What internally drove her to keep trying?’ Xploiting Cinema

” …a touching film that is both personal and objective, a hard pair to balance in the world of documentary filmmaking. (Michael Moore anyone?) The directing trio display a maturity and subtle style that is inviting and allows the viewer to grow closer to the subjects on-screen.” Film School Rejects