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Guy Newman Smith (born 1939, Hopwas, Staffordshire) is a prolific English writer best known for his pulp fiction-style horror fiction, though he has also written non-fiction, softcore smut, and children’s literature.

Smith wrote his first horror book, Werewolf by Moonlight in 1974. It spawned two direct sequels.

He is probably best known for a series of six Crabs books, the first of which, Night of the Crabs, was published in 1976. The series chronicles invasions by giant, man-eating crabs of various areas of British coastline.

crabs the human sacrifice

killer crabs

The pulpish nature of Smith’s concepts and writing are legendary in the horror fiction world, and have been spoofed by the award-winning comedian and writer Matthew Holness in his Garth Marenghi persona. Smith’s work has also been criticised by some as right-wing and reactionary, with the heroes often being thinly-disguised versions of Smith himself while hippies, lefties, protesters and animal rights campaigners are generally shown in a poor light. For other critics though, this adds a certain camp quality to his work.

crabs' moon

crabs on the rampage

origin of the crabs

Smith has had over a thousand short stories and magazine articles published. He has written a series of children’s books under the pseudonym Jonathon Guy, two thrillers under the name Gavin Newman and a dozen non-fiction books on countryside matters. However, he is best known for his seventy plus horror books.

The Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural considers that Smith’s horror novels were “endearing, imbued with lively storytelling and the tacky brilliance of the horror and science fiction cinema of the 1950’s”.

Smith’s work mixes sex, violence, gore and self-conscious humour. Despite his reputation in many quarters as being a hack writer, Smith’s novels enjoyed considerable popularity in Poland in the early 1990s, having been cheaply translated and published as pocket editions by the Amber publishing house.

February 2009 saw the release of the hardback thriller “Maneater” from Severn House, followed in March by the official paperback release of “Deadbeat” from Ghostwriter Publications. December 2009 heralded the reissue of the classic “Night of the Crabs” from Ghostwriter Publications, this time in hardback, with brand new cover art, a foreword by American author, JF Gonzalez and a complete new chapter limited to 100 copies.


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2010 continued the addition to his huge volume of work, with the new novel “Nightspawn”. New editions and eBook versions of many of Smith’s work can be bought from his official website.


 Werewolf series

Werewolf by Moonlight (1974)

Return of the Werewolf (1976)

The Son of the Werewolf (1978)

guy n smith werewolf 1978 new english library

 Crab series:

Night of the Crabs (1976)

Killer Crabs (1978)

The Origin of the Crabs (1979)

Crabs on the Rampage (1981)

Crabs’ Moon (1984)

Crabs: The Human Sacrifice (1988)

Killer Crabs: The Return (2012)

Crab short stories

Crustacean Vengeance (from Scare Care ed. Graham Masterton, Tor 1989)

The Decoy (from Fear #13, 1990)

The Crabs (from Peeping Tom, 1992)

Crabs’ Armada (from The Cadaver Chapbook)

 Sabat series

Sabat 1: The Graveyard Vultures (1982)

Sabat 2: The Blood Merchants (1982)

Sabat 3: Cannibal Cult (1982)

Sabat 4: The Druid Connection (1983)

Dead Meat (1996) (omnibus of all 4 books plus two new Sabat stories, Vampire Village and Hellbeat)

 Thirst series

Thirst (1980)

Thirst II: The Plague (1987)

Deathbell series

Deathbell (1980)

Demons (1987)

Pit series

The Sucking Pit (1975)

The Walking Dead (1984)

Softcore smut books:

Sexy Secrets of Swinging Wives, Part 1: The Partner Swappers (as Anonymous)

Sexy Confessions of a Relief Nurse (as Wendy Davis)

Sexy Confessions of a Games Mistress (as Joan Hudson)

Sexy Confessions of a Bank Clerk (as Peter Lynch)

Sexy Confessions of a Secretary (as Patricia Mathews)

Sexy Confessions of a Pop Performer (as Alan Myatt)

Sexy Confessions of a Window Cleaner (as Adrian Wood)

Other Novels:

The Slime Beast (1975)

Der Ruf des Werwolfs (1976) (Originally printed in German only, Published by Erich Pabel as a part of their “Vampir Horror Roman”)

The Ghoul (1976) (based on the 1975 film The Ghoul)

Bamboo Guerillas (1977)

Bats Out of Hell (1978)

Locusts (1979)

Satan’s Snowdrop (1980)

Caracal (1980)

Doomflight (1981)

Warhead (1981)

Entombed (1981)

Manitou Doll (1981)

Wolfcurse (1981)

The Pluto Pact (1982)

The Lurkers (1982)

The Undead (1983)

Accursed (1983)

Throwback (1985)

The Wood (1985)

  • Abomination (1986)
  • The Neophyte (1986)
  • Snakes (1986)
  • Cannibals (1986)
  • Alligators (1987)
  • Bloodshow (1987)
  • Fiend (1988)
  • The Island (1988)
  • The Master (1988)
  • The Camp (1989)
  • The Festering (1989)
  • Mania (1989)
  • Phobia (1990)
  • The Unseen (1990)
  • Carnivore (1990)
  • The Black Fedora (1991)
  • The Resurrected (1991)
  • The Knighton Vampires (1993)
  • Witch Spell (1993)
  • The Plague Chronicles (1993)
  • The Dark One (1995)
  • Dead End (1996)
  • Water Rites (1997)
  • The Pony Riders (1997)
  • The Busker (1998)
  • Deadbeat (2003)
  • Blackout (2006)
  • The Cadaver (2007)
  • Maneater (2009)
  • Nightspawn (2010)
  • The Eighth Day (2011)
  • Short story collections
  • Horror Shorts: 1st Collection (June, 1999 by Bulldog Books) ISBN 0-9532701-1-4
“Crustacean Vengeance” (a Crabs story)
“The Brain Crawlers”
“The Last Boot”
“Hellfire” (a Sabat story)
“Come Back, My Darling”
“Hounds From Hades”
“The Ghouls”
“The Baby”
“The Shooting on the Moss”
“Wheels of Evil”
“Curse of the White Rhinoceros”
“The Hoax”
    • Mystery & Horror Shorts: 1st Collection

“The Suitcase””The Island of Sweet Music””The Doll””The Act of God””The Last Supper””Bullseye””The Crabs””Triple Death””The Writing on the Wall””The League of the Twisted Serpent”

“The Piper Calls the Tune”

“Until Death”

“Dawn Rendezvous”

“The Poacher”

“The Scapegoat”

Fifty Tales from the Fifties

Science Fiction & Horror Shorts: 1st Collection


“Converging Forces”

“The Influencer”


“The Grim Reaper” (a Black Fedora story)

“President Seven”

“Red Alert”


“Chapters of Destiny”

“The Book of Lies”

Horror Shorts: 2nd Collection

      “The Crabs” (a


      story)”The Ginger Bear””The Grim Reaper” (a

Black Fedora

      story)”The Vampire Village” (a


    story)”Hollow Eyes””Come On In and Join Us””The Executioner””Until Death””Return to Innsmouth””Ratmania””The Waiting Game””Pocklington’s Walk”


Come On In and Join Us (Horror Express Publications)

Crab’s Armada (April 2009, Ghostwriter Publications)

The Doll (April 2009, Ghostwriter Publications)

The Decoy (April 2009, Ghostwriter Publications)

Crabs: Unleashed (October 2009, Ghostwriter Publications)

Limited Edition (December 2009, Ghostwriter Publications)

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