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‘It’s the fight of the living dead’

Monster Brawl is a 2011 Canadian comedy horror feature film directed by Jesse Thomas Cook (Deadsight; The Hoard; Septic Man; The HeXecutioners).


The film depicts a wrestling-style fight to the death set inside an abandoned and cursed graveyard, shown in a pay-per-view style atmosphere. The fighters are eight classic movie monsters – Cyclops, Swamp Gut, Frankenstein’s Monster, Lady Vampire, Werewolf, Mummy, Witch Bitch and Zombie Man.

Acting as play-­by‐play announcer is Buzz Chambers (Dave Foley) with commentating by former champ Sasquatch Sid (Art Hindle). The Brawl itself is divided into two classes: The Creature class and the Undead class. For the Creatures: Cyclops, Werewolf, Witch Bitch and Swamp Gut. For the Undead: Lady Vampire, Zombie Man, The Mummy and Frankenstein.



This is probably a great party movie, and my criticisms may well be missing the point because watching the film on your own on a Saturday morning is almost certainly not the way to see it.

Perhaps the limitations of set, character and story development won’t matter when you have a bunch of people chugging beers, placing bets and cheering on their monster heroes (in other words, much like a real wrestling show)? And if they had translated this idea to the live arena, even better.

Unfortunately, watching Monster Brawl alone and entirely sober is not a good idea, as the shortcomings are far too obvious.

David Flint, MOVIES and MANIA


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“Perhaps Monster Brawl would have been better if it were released episodically – as a television or web series. As a film, it was dull, repetitive, and painful to watch for all the wrong reasons.” Bleeding Cool



Cast and characters:

  • Dave Foley as Buzz Chambers
  • Art Hindle as “Sasquatch” Sid Tucker
  • Robert Maillet as Frankenstein
  • Kevin Nash as Colonel Crookshank
  • Lance Henriksen as the Narrator
  • Jimmy Hart as Himself
  • Herb Dean as Himself
  • Jason David Brown as Cyclops /Swamp Gut / Cyril Haggard
  • Kelly Couture as Lady Vampire
  • R.J. Skinner as Werewolf / Mummy
  • Rico Montana as Zombie Man
  • Holly Letkeman as Witch Bitch
  • John Geddes as Lieutenant Briggs
  • Mark Gibson as Agent Dunn
  • Christopher Goddard as Sheriff
  • Jason Deline as Jacob Blackburn
  • Jesse T. Cook as the Village Drunk
  • Ashley Byford as Blonde Ring Girl
  • Rachelle Corbeil as Black-haired Ring Girl
  • Ari Millen as Doctor Igora
  • Chris Rutte as The Grub
  • Matt Wiele as The Messenger
  • Janet Dee as Bucket Fanny