Secrets of Haunted House – comic book, 1975 – 1982



Secrets of Haunted House was a horror-suspense anthology comic book series published by DC Comics from 1975 to 1982. It was part of a group of DC horror comics that emerged around the same time, taking advantage of a slight relaxation in the Comics Code that had effectively outlawed horror comics in the 1950s. Others in the series included Ghosts, Weird War Tales, House of Mystery and Unexpected.


Like its predecessor Secrets of Sinister House, Secrets of Haunted House was originally “hosted” by Cain, Abel, Eve, and Destiny who had moved over from Weird Mystery Tales. By issue #10, Destiny was the only one of these who remained a regular. In issue #40, Abel returned with no further mention of Destiny. Debuting in April-May 1975, Secrets of Haunted House was a temporary victim of the “DC Implosion.” With issue #14 (October-November 1978), it was cancelled, only to be revived a year later with issue #15 (August 1979). The title continued until issue #46 (March 1982).


In issue #31 (December 1980), the Mister E character was introduced and became a recurring character for ten issues.

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