Grimm – TV series, USA, 2011 – 2016


Grimm is an American police procedural fantasy television drama series. It debuted in the U.S. on NBC on October 28, 2011 and lasted six seasons until 2016.

The show has been described as “a cop drama—with a twist… a dark and fantastical project about a world in which characters inspired by Grimms’ Fairy Tales exist”, although the stories and characters inspiring the show are also drawn from other sources.


In January 2011, NBC announced that it had ordered a series titled Grimm. David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf co-wrote the pilot, which was directed by Marc Buckland. In May 2011, NBC announced that it had picked up the series for a full season.

The series was produced by Universal Media Studios and Hazy Mills Productions. It is filmed on location in and around Portland. Greenwalt and Kouf told KGW they chose Portland because of its plentiful forests in the city’s two largest parks, Washington Park and Forest Park.



Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt of the Portland Police Bureau learns he is descended from a line of “guardians” known as “Grimms”, charged with keeping balance between humanity and the mythological creatures (called Wesen, pronounced as “vessin”) of the world. Throughout the episodes, he must battle against an assortment of dangerous creatures, with help from his friend Monroe (who is a reformed creature), and his partner Detective Hank Griffin.

GRIMM - Season 1

Cast and characters:

  • David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, the show’s protagonist and eponymous Grimm. Nick is a homicide detective, whose Aunt Marie (Kate Burton) tells him that he is descended from a line of hunters, called Grimms, who fight supernatural forces. Even before his abilities manifested, Nick had an exceptional ability to make quick and accurate deductions about the motivations and pasts of individuals, which has now expressed itself as his ability to perceive aspects of the supernatural that nobody else can see.
  • Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin, Nick’s homicide partner who is not aware that Nick is a Grimm until the third episode of the second season. He is somewhat sarcastic at times, and has gone through at least four marriages by the time the series begins, but is nevertheless still Nick’s best friend in the human world.
  • Bitsie Tulloch as Juliette Silverton, Nick’s girlfriend, a veterinarian. She was unaware of Nick’s duties as a Grimm until he tells her in the final episode of the show’s first season. However, by season two a magically induced amnesia removes Nick from her memory altogether. Although Marie suggested that Nick should leave Juliette for her safety, Nick has decided to stay with her. He postponed his original plans to propose to her while he explores his new life as a Grimm. Juliette is starting to fall in love with Captain Renard because of Adalind’s spell.
  • Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe, a Wider Blutbad who aids Nick with his cases. He is also a good friend of Nick’s, even though he has some issues with Grimms since a Grimm killed his grandfather (but he acknowledges that the ancestor deserved it for butchering a village). Monroe is knowledgeable about the supernatural creatures that Nick goes up against, serving as Nick’s direct source of insight and information into the supernatural community whenever the second-hand knowledge that Nick acquires from his ancestors’ books is inadequate, as well as assisting Nick when cases require Nick to rely on someone who knows about the threats he faces. He also helps Nick make contact with creatures that would avoid Nick due to his status as a Grimm.
  • Sasha Roiz as Captain Sean Renard, Nick’s politically adept superior officer and a member of the creature community of unknown origin, initially. Nick is totally unaware of his status and he seems to be a potential threat. In episode 12, he is addressed as Your Highness, further implying that he belongs to royalty in the creature community. He seems to want a return to the old ways.
  • Reggie Lee as Sergeant Wu, a policeman who works with Nick and Hank; he tends to do the “grunt work” for them, running down facts and information.
  • Bree Turner as Rosalee Calvert, a Fuchsbau who takes over her brother’s wesen spice shop after he is murdered. Rosalee assists Nick and Monroe in their efforts by providing additional information and remedies to supernatural problems. She is now Monroe’s girlfriend.
  • Claire Coffee as Adalind Schade, a Hexenbiest and a lawyer who was working for Renard and who after ingesting Nick’s blood, became a normal human being. She was also responsible for Juliette’s amnesia. She still knows how to make potions and now she is working with Renard’s brother and the Verrat. She also wants revenge for her mother’s death.


List of Grimm episodes

Many of the episodes are loosely based on stories written by the Brothers Grimm, albeit with considerable artistic license. Other episodes are based on other sources, including fables and legends, not written by the Brothers Grimm.


At the beginning of the show’s first season, Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter said, “It has chills and humor and the ability to take a procedural story and twist it.”

Mike Hale of The New York Times says, “Some of the jokes work, and some of the frights are actually scary, and on a repeat viewing the craftsmanship and attention to detail made more of an impression.”

Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times wrote that she preferred another fairy-tale themed drama, ABC’s Once Upon a Time, stating that despite a good cast and setting, Grimm puts an “entertaining crime spin on fairy-tale monsters that’s a little too pat” for viewers. “All of which adds up to a nice, moody, entertaining-enough hour and the troublesome question of how interesting this will be by the third episode.”

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