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‘Taste the grease.’

Porkchop is a 2010 American slasher horror feature film directed by Eamon Hardiman from a script co-written by him and Zack Bassham. The movie stars Ruby Larocca, Charles Sullivan, Chris Woodall and Erin Russ.


A group of campers are stalked by a deranged redneck with a pig mask…

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“A lot of filmmakers these days try to recreate the look and feel of classic grindhouse and 80s era film, but often fall short of really capturing the true look and feel. That is not the case with Porkchop; this film pays very close attention to every minute detail when it comes to creating an authentic low budget 80s horror experience.” The Liberal Dead

rachel porkchop 2010 slasher

“For a lot of the movies 93 minutes running time it’s much more about the rest of the cast ‘doing their thing’ with Porkchop suddenly appearing out of nowhere, attacking and vanishing again. A bit more chase with some of the characters or an extended final battle with Deborah at the end might have just made the villain a bit more rounded out (no pun intended!).” Hacked in the Head


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