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The Sorcerers
The Sorcerers is a 1967 British science fiction horror feature film directed by Michael Reeves (The She BeastWitchfinder General), starring Boris Karloff, Catherine Lacey (The Shadow of the Cat), Ian Ogilvy (— And Now the Screaming Starts!; From Beyond the Grave), and Susan George (Die Screaming Marianne, Fright).

The original story and screenplay was conceived and written by John Burke. Reeves and his childhood friend Tom Baker (not the Doctor Who star) re-wrote sections of the screenplay, including the ending. It was a Tigon-Curtwell production.



An elderly couple (Boris Karloff and Catherine Lacey) use a new method of hypnosis to share the experiences of others. A bored young man named Mike Roscoe (Ian Ogilvy), serves as their surrogate in acts that become more and more amoral and violent…


“Many film fans would say that Witchfinder General was Reeves’ best film, but I think The Sorcerers was his finest. It’s a nihilistic and nasty world that the characters inhabit, making this a few years ahead of its time […] Also with: a good car chase, and one of the bleakest endings in British horror cinema.” The Spinning Image

The Sorcerers has potential, with director Michael Reeves best at creating a threatening, grungy “swingin’ London” atmosphere that’s as depressing as Karloff’s grimy little flat.  But atmosphere only goes so far, and if the ideas inherent in the subtext aren’t developed, then the exploitation elements better deliver… and they don’t here, not really. You can still enjoy The Sorcerers on a very basic chills level, though, and to see Karloff or the solid London location work.  I’m recommending The Sorcerers for fans of the genre and the star…but only for them.” DVD Talk

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Cast and characters:

  • Boris Karloff as Professor Marcus Monserrat
  • Catherine Lacey as Estelle Monserrat
  • Elizabeth Ercy as Nicole
  • Ian Ogilvy as Mike Roscoe
  • Victor Henry as Alan
  • Sally Sheridan as Laura Ladd
  • Alf Joint as Ron, the mechanic
  • Meier Tzelniker as the Jewish Baker
  • Gerald Campion as customer in China shop
  • Susan George as Audrey Woods
  • Ivor Dean as Inspector Matalon
  • Peter Fraser as Detective
  • Martin Terry as Tobacconist

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