THE MONSTER WALKS (1932) Reviews and overview



The Monster Walks is a 1932 American horror feature film directed by Frank R. Strayer. The Astor Pictures production stars Mischa Auer.


Ruth Earlton and her fiance Doctor Ted Carver arrive at her father’s house. She has been told that her father has died. They arrive on a stormy night, and are greeted by her invalid uncle Robert, the housekeeper Mrs. Krug and the housekeeper’s son Hanns.

While exploring the mansion, Ruth is dismayed to find a large ape her father used to conduct experiments in the basement. She and the others then gather to learn how the Earlton estate will be divided. Earlton has left his estate to Ruth, but it will go to her uncle Robert in the event of her death. Very small monthly sums are also left to the housekeeper Mrs. Krug and her son Hanns. These two are very upset about the small amount of the allowance.

When Ruth goes to bed that night, a large, hairy hand reaches through the headboard and attempts to strangle her. When she screams, it disappears. Her fiance and Mrs. Krug arrive at her room, and attempt to comfort her. Ted gives her a sleeping potion, and she falls asleep in a chair in her room while Mrs. Krug stays with her, taking the bed. The hairy hand reappears and strangles Mrs. Krug this time, killing her…monster walks el monstruo asesino


“To their credit, director Frank Strayer and screenwriter Robert Ellis try to twist things up with a little baiting and switching, some locked-room antics, and a few last minute siring revelations to give the final dot-connecting a more satisfying jolt, elevating The Monster Walks into that nebulous gray area somewheres between Moldy-Oldie and Classic Creaker status.” 3B Theater Micro-Brewed Reviews

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Cast and characters:

  • Rex Lease as Dr Ted Clayton
  • Vera Reynolds as Ruth Earlton
  • Sheldon Lewis as Robert Earlton
  • Mischa Auer as Hanns Krug
  • Martha Mattox as Mrs Emma ‘Tanty’ Krug
  • Sidney Bracey as Herbert Wilkes
  • Willie Best (Sleep ‘n Eat) as Exodus


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