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‘You better get those kids the hell out of there!’

Massacre at Central High is a 1976 thriller film directed by Dutch director Rene Daalder, a protégé of Russ Meyer. Despite its title, it is not a slasher film; more of an odd and violent political allegory, which tells the story of a series of revenge killings at a fictional high school.

The cast was largely made up of unknowns but included well-known actors Robert Carradine, Lani O’Grady, Kimberly Beck, and Andrew Stevens.

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The film was also known as Blackboard Massacre. It has been described as predicting punk and Columbine and as the epitome of the ’70s, meathead ethic fused with an apt social commentary. The much-better-known 1989 film Heathers borrowed several plot elements from Massacre at Central High.

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Massacre at Central High offers up a realistic exploration of teenage life and juxtapositions that against some outrageous satire while fashioning it into a slasher / vigilante film. This is an overlooked gem of the 70s.” Big Daddy Horror Reviews

“It implodes in a strident way, it strains credibility, suffers from wooden acting, its politics become too crudely expressed to be effective, and it manages to lose whatever serious footing it had by its mounting over-the-top senseless violence. It’s a curious misfire…” Ozus’ World Cinema Reviews

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“This movie is not a slasher. It’s more like a high school retelling of Orwell’s Animal Farm with more violence and weird 70’s fashions.” Happyotter

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