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‘Something hungry is about to hatch.’

Ticks – also titled Infested and C2 – is 1993 American horror feature film directed by Tony Randel (Amityville: It’s About TimeHellbound: Hellraiser II) from a screenplay written by Brent L. Whiteman. The movie stars Peter Scolari, Seth Green, Rosalind Allen and Ami Dolenz.


Teens from Los Angeles join an inner-city wilderness project in an attempt to get back in touch with life’s priorities. They are led by do-gooders Holly (Rosalind Allen) and Charles (Peter Scolari).

When they get to the campsite, the teens begin having problems adjusting to the wildlife, particularly local marijuana growers using herbal steroids to accelerate plant growth, and the mutated ticks that the leaky steroid system has created…


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“There are moments when the effects fail, like when the ticks are obviously being pulled along the ground by fishing line, but whenever they dig into and burrow through the flesh of a new victim, the result is realistic and disgusting. There are no computerized effects here and the gore throughout is fantastic.” Examiner.com


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“I was skeptical of how well visually the ticks would come across, but they are the true charm behind this movie. They are quite clearly puppets and models, but as the ticks scurry across the floor we are treated to some genuine quality sound effects. When the ticks attach themselves to an actor’s face you can almost suspend your disbelief for a moment…” HNN


Ticks was released on VHS by Republic Pictures in the US but inexplicably never received a DVD release there, unlike the rest of the world.


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