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The Nun – original title: La Monja  is a 2005 Spanish supernatural horror feature film directed by Luis De La Madrid and starring Anita Briem, Paulina Galvez and Natalia Dicenta. It was distributed by Filmax and falls into both the slasher and vengeful ghost sub-genres.


An insane nun terrorises her students. One of the girls named Mary is discovered to be pregnant. The malicious Sister Ursula walks in on her in the bathroom to see what she is doing and discovers her secret. Disgusted, the Nun tries to force an abortion on the girl with a bathroom appliance.

However, her friends, having snuck out earlier that same night to have a midnight snack, hear Mary screaming in pain as the Nun brutalises her. They attack the Nun and force her to release Mary, causing her to bump her head and fall into a bathtub filled with water. The girls leave Sister Ursula in a pond blessed by priests as Holy Water. They swear an oath of secrecy, and the Spanish Authorities of Barcelona simply report the Sister missing.

Eighteen years later, the pond is drained. The vengeful soul of the nun is thus freed from her watery prison and leaves to wreak havoc on the lives of the girls who were her mortal downfall.

A young girl, Eve, goes to the boarding school, after her mother (the pregnant girl Ursula wanted to ‘cleanse’) is murdered, to find out what is going on. There, she meets the other two survivors, and together with some of Eve’s friends, they defend themselves from Ursula’s spirit whilst desperately trying to figure out how to banish the nun once and for all…

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‘I’ll admit it, I was entertained by The Nun (that doesn’t sound right). My low expectations rose slightly because the film was well shot and had good special effects. However, that plot twist dropped them slightly again. I’d suggest a rental, especially if you want to see every killer nun flick ever made.’ Jeff Swindoll, Monsters and Critics

‘But it’s pretty enjoyable and doesn’t feel as long as its 101 minutes. Some of the kills are kind of awesome (elevator kill and decapitation in particular), the main girl is quite lovely to watch, and the FX are surprisingly decent for the most part.’ Horror Movie a Day

‘While the film does contain some moderately entertaining kills without being too heavy on the gore; it just isn’t enough to save this snoozer from the eject button.’ Bloody Good Horror

‘The ordained effects in The Nun are kinda cool, what with the floating Sister doing stuff with water only a Catholic Aquaman could do […] All in all, not a bad way to spend an hour and a half. That or in a confessional.’ Jeff Gilbert, Drinkin’ & Drive-In

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