SUPER SHARK (2011) Reviews and overview



‘Bikinis, bullets and big bites’

Super Shark (aka Shart Attack!!) is a 2011 U.S. sci-fi/horror action film starring John Schneider, Sarah Lieving and Tim Abell and directed by Fred Olen Ray (The Alien DeadThe Tomb).


While marine biologist Kat Carmichael (Sarah Lieving) does all she can to get rid of the murderous shark once and for all, shady businessman Roger Wade (John Schneider) prevents her efforts from having the desired result. The situation becomes increasingly dangerous, however, when the creature learns to move on land so Kat enlists the help of explosives expert Dynamite Stevens (Jimmie Walker)…


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” …there isn’t enough good stuff to make up for the horrible CGI (the shark looks like it has just escaped from the 1980s Jaws arcade game), the poor script, the poor acting (Schneider still gets a pass but he’s the only one), the unappealing cast of characters and the sloppy execution of every moment that features the shark.” For It Is Man’s Number

“What red-blooded man wouldn’t enjoy 77 minutes of what is effectively loads of gorgeous girls in bikinis running about with a walking shark thrown in for good measure. This is definitely worth a watch, but as I said don’t expect it to be an amazing blockbuster with great characters or good dialogue. Best bad film ever? Might be…” John Harley, Andy Erupts

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“Super Shark has the vast majority of crappy modern shark films beat purely thanks to its earnestness. I never got the feeling that Olen Ray was trying to make a bad film. Sure, there are silly scenes where he’s having fun, but it never descends into the parody territory of a typical modern shark flick.” Dave Jackson, Mondo Exploito