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Terror in the Midnight Sun is a 1959 Swedish-American science-fiction horror film directed by Virgil W. Vogel. The movie stars Barbara Wilson, Sten Gester and Robert Burton. John Carradine narrated the US version.


The film is known by many different English titles such as Horror in the Midnight Sun and Invasion of the Animal People. For the American release, low-budget producer/director Jerry Warren added additional scenes of his own to the film.

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After a herd of reindeer are mysteriously found dead following a meteor crash in a remote part of Sweden, soldiers and a geologist are called out to investigate.

Just as they discover that the meteor is actually a spaceship, a hideous monster destroys their plane and kills the soldier guarding it.


As the geologist – along with his figure skater girlfriend – try to ski to safety, the monster attacks again and kidnaps the helpless woman…


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Terror actually turns out to be a pretty good show. There’s plenty of action, good f/x, a unique twist on the alien visitor plot, and the Nordic locations have an eerie, otherworldly look. Wilson has never looked sexier than she does here; she’s helped a bit by doubles, of course, for her scenes involving skating, skiing, and a surprising nude scene.” Cinescape


“Even if the Stockholm scenes are a bit talky and stiff, the fun starts fast when they arrives in Lapland. A quite unexpected shower-scene and a performance by legendary Swedish singer Brita Borg (not at the same time of course) and the fantastic locations make it a unique old school sci-fi.” Ninja Dixon


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Original title:

Rymdinvasion i Lappland “Space Invasion of Lapland”



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