Dinoshark – USA, 2010 – overview and reviews


Dinoshark is a 2010 American horror feature film directed by Kevin O’Neill. It was produced by Roger Corman and Julie Corman.

It stars Eric Balfour (The Texas Chainsaw MassacreBackcountry; Little Dead Rotting Hood), Iva Hasperger and Aaron Diaz.


A baby dinoshark swims away from a chunk of Arctic glacier that has broken away as a result of global warming.


Three years later, the dinoshark is a ferocious predatory adult and kills tourists and locals offshore from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The protagonist, Trace, is first to notice the Dinoshark and witnesses his friend get eaten but has trouble convincing people that a creature of such antiquity is still alive and eating people…


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‘Let’s run down the laundry list of what you’ll find here:  poor acting with some ridiculous, over-the-top accents, cheap special effects, a threadbare plot that barely makes sense, gratuitous tourist-munching, an imitation of the Jaws theme music, and low budget, made-for-TV production values.  And that’s just barely plunging below the surface. Rest assured, a schlocky good time awaits you if this is your sort of thing.’ Oh, the Horror!

” …the gore is decent.  We get a severed leg, a decapitated head, and an impressive half-eaten corpse.  On the downside, too many of the attack scenes revolve around Dinoshark pulling it’s victims offscreen and covering the camera lens in CGI blood while shitty Jaws rip-off music plays. By far the best thing about Dinoshark is that Roger Corman himself is on hand to play an oceanographer.” Mitch Lovell, The Video Vacuum

dinoshark 6

‘Sadly, Dinoshark isn’t really headline-grabbingly ludicrous enough, lacking the same kind of dynamic random oddness, and being weighed down somewhat by a creature which at the end of the day is simply a vaguely armoured shark with a penchant for jumping out of the water in unconvincing fashion.’ James Mudge, Beyond Hollywood

“At what point does the dinoshark get full? I mean it kept eating people and objects, helicopters, boats, sombreros, crocodiles one after another and never got full. What’s up with that? While the CGI was admittedly crappy the FX team did spend some time crafting the dinoshark head which would pop out of the water on occasion and chomp down on something which did look pretty cool, even if it too got used over and over and over again.” Christopher Armstead, Film Critics United

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“It’s a shame that the best thing about Dinoshark is the title. It’s not well-made enough to be surprisingly adept and it’s not cheesy enough to be a guilty pleasure. It’s just badly made from start to finish and really not worth bothering with. This one should have stayed frozen.” Chris Scullion, That Was a Bit Mental


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The script is horrid, especially during the forced scenes of what little scientific mumbo jumbo there is. Eric Balfour is the token name on show here but there’s so little to talk about with his character because he gives so little away. Iva Hasperger looks great constantly bearing her midsection through a variety of nice mini-short and bikini combinations but as far as a character goes, she’s rather pointless… Andrew Smith, Popcorn Pictures

Filming locations:

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
Paradise Cove – Malibu, California, USA


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