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‘Watches you.. Wants you… Terrifies you!’

The Fantasist is a 1986 Irish-British horror thriller feature film written and directed by Robin Hardy (The Wicker Man, The Wicker Tree), based on the book ‘Goosefoot’ by Patrick McGinley. The movie stars Moira Sinise, Timothy Bottoms and Christopher Cazenove.



When an Irish woman moves from the suburbs to Dublin, she begins receiving phone calls from a stranger. Coincidentally, the city is being plagued by a serial killer who uses this method to lure his victims in. Even though she is aware of this, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to this man. Will she be the next victim of the “Phone Call Killer”?


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“It’s tempting to try and rehabilitate it as a lost classic but the truth is that its flaws make it more interesting than entirely successful. However, it’s still fascinating, with a very tense climax, and fans of Robin Hardy’s work could do a lot worse than seek it out.” The Digital Fix

“The general tenor of this film is far too often bogged down with moments that are sluggish and worst of all uneventful. And though the film makes an attempt to be salacious by introducing some well-placed nudity into the mix. The end result is far from erotic.” 10K Bullets

“Attempting to investigate different aspects of sexual/romantic fantasy (all four central characters might lay claim to the film’s title), Hardy nevertheless remains constricted by both the narrative formulas and the moral conventions of the woman-in-peril film: too often, Patricia, as played by Moira Harris, seems not just foolhardy but actually complicit in her dangerous predicament.” The Time Out Film Guide


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The Fantasist features an appearance by ’80’s pop group Level 42.

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