Escape from Vampire Island – Japan, 2009

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Escape from Vampire Island  aka Higanjima (彼岸島, literally: “waves and coast island” – is a 2009 Japanese live-action film adapted from a manga series by Kōji Matsumoto. It was directed by Kim Tae-Gyun and stars Hideo Ishiguro, Dai Watanabe and Miori Takimoto.


Two years after losing contact, Akira discovers that his long-lost brother has been seen on a remote island that does not even exist on the map! He decides to investigate the story with several friends and they find their way to Higanjima, a dark and mysterious place, but what has happened to the island s inhabitants?

They learn too late that they have been lured into a trap and are quickly surrounded by blood-thirsty vampires. Now the friends must fight for their survival and find a way to escape from Higanjima – the island of vampires…


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“It’s fun. It’s dumb, stupid, nonsensical balderdash, but it is fun with it. It has some appealing action sequences, and while the premise may be ridiculous, the plot daft as a brush, it also has some appealing characters, and the production values and character performances do elevate it above simple B-movie fare.” Gonin Movie Blog

” … it feels a bit like ‘The Monster Squad Goes to Japanese Vampire Island’. It’s very broad, way too talky, and sometimes too damn goofy for its own good, but genre fans (particularly those who are familiar with the source material) will certainly be able to get behind the “good parts.” Scott Weinberg, FEARnet


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