Hydra (also known as Hydra: The Lost Island) is a 2009 low-budget monster movie directed by Andrew Prendergast from a screenplay by Peter Sullivan, which blends elements of horrorthriller and classical mythology. It was made for cable TV and subsequently internationally distributed on DVD. Hydra stars George StultsDawn OlivieriPolly Shannon, Alex McArthur, Jana Williams, Texas BattleJames Wlcek and Michael Shamus Wiles.

Young archaeologist Dr. Valerie Cammon (Polly Shannon) and her colleague Dr. Kim (Philip Moon) go by ship to a volcanic island in the Mediterranean sea. While she seeks relics in a cave, a seaquake sinks their ship without survivors. At about the same time all archaeologists except for Dr. Cammon get eaten by the re-awakened ancient Lernaean Hydra.

Two months later, Vincent (Alex McArthur) and Dixie Camden (Jana Williams) intended to organize a man-hunt for cranky millionaires. Their Captain (Michael Shamus Wiles), unaware of the Hydra, suggests the nearby, aforementioned island as a substitute. Four ex-convicts, Tim Nolan (George Stults), Gwen Russell (Dawn Olivieri), Bob Crick (James Wlcek) and Ronnie Kaplan (Texas Battle), are marooned at the shore and given 24 hours’ head start.

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The following day the rich hunters (played by Paul Rae, Roark Critchlow, Ricco Ross and William Gregory Lee) arrive, but attract the Hydra’s attention and get eaten. The same fate befalls some of the fugitives…

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Hydra is a relatively run-of-the-mill Sci-Fi Channel monster movie that perks up whenever the monster goes on the attack but fails to give you much to hold your attention when the hydra isn’t on the screen chomping the hell out of people. Best served as background fodder, a movie to have on while you’re doing something else and can look up periodically when the title monster appears to do what it does. If you don’t pay too much attention to anything in between you really won’t be missing much.” Dread Central

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“Hydra actually had potential in my opinion but that was all frittered away within the opening few minutes! The mythological monster is one of the best out there and when treated right (see Jason and the Argonauts), it can actually look awesome. But the Hydra totally deserves better than this drivel. Slightly better than your usual Sci-Fi Channel guff but that’s not exactly a badge of honour.” Popcorn Pictures


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