CAPTAIN CLEGG aka NIGHT CREATURES (1962) Reviews and overview



‘Their oath was.. Terror! Their cry.. Blood!’

Captain Clegg (aka Night Creatures) is a 1962 British film directed by Peter Graham Scott from a screenplay by “John Elder” [Anthony Hinds] based on Russell Thorndike’s Dr Syn character. The film stars Peter Cushing, Yvonne Romain, Patrick Allen and Oliver Reed.

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Essentially a grim action-adventure film, it has macabre elements as befits a Hammer Films production.

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Captain Clegg Night Creatures

1792, Dymchurch, England: On Romney Marshes Captain Collier and his “revenue men” are investigating the smuggling of wine and brandy from France. They suspect that the outspoken vicar may be involved but their investigations are hampered by reports of “Marsh Phantoms,” spreading terror to any who encounter them…

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“Some truly wonderful sets, costumes and props – as well as some excellent location shooting – make it one of ‘Hammer’s’ most lush productions and it certainly defies the ever-present ‘Hammer’ low budgets. The – sadly rare – use of the marshes as well as the green English fields and meadows add a welcome space and reality to the unfolding events.” Beardy Freak


Cast and characters:

  • Peter Cushing … Parson Blyss/Captain Clegg
  • Yvonne Romain … Imogene
  • Patrick Allen … Captain Collier
  • Oliver Reed … Harry
  • Michael Ripper … Mipps
  • David Lodge … Bosun
  • Derek Francis … Squire
  • Jack MacGowran … Frightened man
  • Peter Halliday … 1st sailor
  • Martin Benson … Rash
  • Daphne Anderson … Mrs Rash
  • Milton Reid … Mulatto
  • Terry Scully … 2nd sailor
  • Rupert Osborn … Gerry
  • Sydney Bromley … Tom Ketch
  • Gordon Rollings … Wurzel
  • Bob Head … Peg-leg
  • Colin Douglas … Pirate bosun

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