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The Being is a 1980 science fiction horror feature film written and directed by Jackie Kong (Blood Diner) and produced by William Osco (Flesh Gordon), who also plays the local detective. It was filmed as Easter Sunday and remained unreleased for three years.

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The movie stars Martin Landau (Ed WoodThe ReturnAlone in the Dark), José Ferrer (Crash!The Sentinel; Bloody Birthday), Marianne Gordon, Dorothy Malone, and Ruth Buzzi.


Pottsville, Idaho: Town scientist Doctor Garson Jones (Landau) is attempting to persuade the local media and populace that dumping radiation into the water supply is not dangerous.

Meanwhile, the mayor’s wife (Buzzi) is head of the Sweeper Committee for Stamping Out Smut and enlists Doctor Jones to join their campaign. He readily agrees, informing a TV interviewer that “this is the kind of contamination we really have to worry about”.


However, an evil being lurks in the local disposal dump attacking all in its wake. The being is a genetic freak driven psychotic by radiation waste that mutilates and decapitates its victims…



“It’s an unbridled mess of a movie that gets sillier with each passing scene, and despite a solid cast (with the exception of Bill Osco, who is jaw-droppingly awful as the heroic detective Lutz), The Being has far too many goofy moments for us to take any of it seriously.” DVD Infatuation

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The Being wins as being great b-movie fun in that it maintains a good pace and has a little something for every permutation of low budget horror taste. No one “acts” for too long, the unintentional laughs do not languish and the gore is lit so you can’t tell how much they spent on it.” The Loft Cinema

“Kong, making her debut in the writing and directing departments, is kidding the pants off the genre she’s working in while serving up pleasing helpings of gore and gratuitous nudity; she’s also not bad in establishing appropriate atmospherics — the shots of low-hanging storm clouds hovering over a small rural community are ominously suggestive.” Jack Sommersby,



“With decapitations, a heart ripped out of some poor redneck cop’s chest, all kinds of cheesy blood galore, a lengthy flopping boob shot, priceless dialogue, a plot that’s beyond incoherent, and arguably the worst daytime/nighttime continuity ever to (dis)grace a film, grindhouse cinema is rarely as fun as The Being.” Cinema Knife Fight

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  1. This is a film that needs an entire book to written about it. So many insane things. One of my faves is the teddy bear sized version of the being (which looks nothing like the final version) that gets literally thrown at Landau. The being sure forgot he could become liquid there at the end, classic example of a film forgetting it’s own rules. Hard to believe that it does feature surprisingly good climax.

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