Necromancy aka The Witching – USA, 1972 – reviews

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‘Life to the dead and Death to the living.’

Necromancy is a 1972 American horror film co-written and directed by Bert I. Gordon. The film stars Orson Welles, Pamela Franklin, Lee Purcell and Michael Ontkean.


In 1983, the film was released on VHS as The Witching with nude scenes added. A re-edited TV version was re-titled Rosemary’s Disciples. Confusingly, the film has also been released as The Toy Factory.




In the small American town of Lilith, a strange and sinister man, Mr. Cato (Orson Welles), owns a toy factory and wields extraordinary power. The townsfolk indulge in weird rituals in their pursuit of necromancy, to bring the dead back to life.

Against this disturbing background a young woman, Lori (Pamela Franklin), becomes the human catalyst. She is married to Frank, Cato’s newest employee, and holds the key between life and death. But the witches’ coven are determined to use Lori to bring back Cato’s dead son…





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