Monster Munch – video game


Monster Munch is 1983 indirect clone of Pac-Man for the Commodore 64 developed by Mark Trotter for Atlantis Software.

Players were advised to: ‘Guide ‘Munchie’ around the maze and help him to eat all the white dots. Watch out for the monsters. If they catch ‘Munchie’, one of his three lives is lost and the player is killed by a bolt of lightning. Turn the monsters blue by eating one of the flashing power pills. While they are blue, ‘Munchie’ can kill them and gain lots of bonus points. When the question mark appears, eat it for a mystery bonus. When all the dots are eaten, you start a new screen which has even more dangers then the last.’


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  1. Classic, rip-off, C64, fun! Other classic horror titles ( for ZX Spectrum & Amstrad CPC 464 – the gentleman’s home computers of choice) Cauldron I & II, Werewolves of London, Oh Mummy!, Chiller (Also see the arcade game of the same name for the most sadistic gaming experience ever!), Ghost Hunters, Ghosts and Goblins and Ollli and Lissa. So many more awesome retro horror games floating around in my mind’s eye. May be time to dig out the old consoles and computers! Thanks for the memories.

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