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Scare Cycles Ideal toys Frankencycle gyro powered

Scare Cycles were a 1978 set of three monster-related toys with glow-in-the-dark features created by Ideal as a horror hybrid from their hugely successful 1973 Evil Knievel cycle which had now run its course. Each “gyro powered” toy came with a Haunted House Winder to set its Scare Cycle off on its run of “wheelies, “jumps” and “stunts”.


Ideal’s blurb explained the creepy cycle concept: “Kids will love the famous monster characters: Dracula on his Dracucycle with coffin and vampire grin, Frankenstein’s monster aboard his Frankencycle with skull handlebars and tombstone backrest, and the terrible Bone Shaker with his motorcycle hearse!”


Nowadays, Scare Cycles can be found selling online for as much as $199 each…

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