The Driller Killer – USA, 1979


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Image credits: Wrong Side of the Art!Serious Miami Horror & Sci-Fi

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3 Comments on “The Driller Killer – USA, 1979”

  1. this movie cover scared the shit out of me when seeing it laying aorund the video store, years later i actually was old enough to rent it and.. yea.. ehmmm, its about some painter , that has ”problems” and a there is sometimes a girl in frame, and then there is a murder with bad sound effects and dito visuals, and the wallpaper in the appartment was also interesting and then the movie is over.. and its about as good as my review of it.

    and im still trying to find the movie of about the same age with on the cover a blonde woman with her hands and fingers(red nail polish) grasping upwards whit a is a dark , rough looking , small lit up eyes long haired figure behind her with a knife at her throat. it usually sat next to driller killer in the video store and it scared the shit out of me just as bad.

  2. Truly a name to conjure thoughts of bloody mayhem with but when I first saw it, on a blag video I got from a grimy stall at a car boot, it was not what my adolescent mind was expecting at all: “Where are all the copious drilling killings!? I mean…there was a smattering of power tool peril but It’s mostly about some weird artist having a breakdown!” Years later I watched it again and actually really dug the bleak sleazoid nature of it all. Much subtler than its bombastic rep would have you believe with an atmos’ only available in 70’s new york.

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