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The Devil’s Express – aka Death Express – is a 1976 American horror-kung-fu-blaxploitation film directed by Barry Rosen. The movie stars Warhawk Tanzania, Thomas D. Anglin, and Fred Berner.

It was re-released as Gang Wars in 1979 to cash-in on the success of gang culture movie The Warriors.

Devil's Express


Warhawk Tanzania plays an urban Afro-American who hates the gang warfare all around him. In desperation, Tanzania summons a demon from the subway system to purge his neighbourhood of punks. Unfortunately, the demons are uncontrollable, resulting in the deaths of several innocent people…

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“It’s gritty, silly, fun and very entertaining. The screenplay was written by five people – presumably each person was assigned a different genre then they mashed it all together. Warhawk Tanzania is a man of the people – see him in action as soon as you can.” Comeuppance Reviews

devil 4

Devil’s Express is a lot of things; it’s messy, cheap, and borderline incoherent. What it is not is dull, insincere, or cynical in its scattergun approach to the grindhouse. And if you’re still unsure about grabbing a ticket and heading in, let me just add that Brother Theodore plays a street preacher. If that doesn’t convince you to lay your money down, you may want to hit up a different theatre.” Daily Dead


“The film mixes blaxploitation genre, American martial arts and horror flick and does this with huge enthusiasm. The acting is mostly wooden and Warhawk Tanzania is not as awesome as his name. The fights are well-shot and there is a decent amount of blood and gore […] The gang war and subway murders committed by amulet seeking demon are fun to watch. A trash classic.” My Duck is Dead


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