THE HEADLESS EYES (1971) Reviews and overview

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‘He’s out there… out of sight, and out of his mind!’

The Headless Eyes is a 1971 American horror feature film written and directed by Kent Bateman. It was produced by Henri Pachard (as Ronald Sullivan). The movie stars Bo Brundin, Vicky Bateman and Mike Scott.

Also been promoted as simply Headless Eyes and was shown at some drive-ins as Bloodthirsty Butcher.


Artist Arthur Malcolm sneaks into a woman’s bedroom and tries to steal the money off her nightstand to pay his rent. The female victim pushes his eye out with a spoon and knocks him out the second-story window.

After being gawked at with his eye dangling from his head and the ultimate loss of his eye, Arthur becomes a serial killer and uses his victims’ eyes in his artwork…


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“When it’s good… mad, bad, crazed and blood-soaked…it’s very good. But when it’s bad it’s basically frustrating, as too many chances (and characters) are either scooted over in a chaotic heap of jumbled images or poorly crafted  via a muddled, slapped-together script.” Beardy Freak

“A lot of the dialogue seems improvised as if there wasn’t even a script, the editing and photography are both pretty awful and it’s evident by the end that this was never even completed. The very last shot is a freeze frame of the killer, having just claimed yet another victim, exclaiming “I am not finished! I am not finished! I am not finished!” The Bloody Pit of Horror


” …this one is pointless, pretentious, annoying, and no fun at all. Don’t bother.” Fantastic Movie Musings and Ramblings

” … this sordid quickie is obviously lacking in the technical and acting departments across the board. That said, it’s quite entertaining if you’re in the right mood and can tolerate the droning musical score, which has been known to send more than a few viewers screaming from the room.” Mondo Digital

“I’m willing to bet that The Headless Eyes was made without a finished script, ending as it does so raggedly without a real conclusion. Nevertheless, it’s still a fascinating trip through the slums of exploitation, far away from the gentrified avenues of mainstream horror. It’s an absolute must-see if you’re interested in the grimier reaches of American horror.” Stephen Thrower, Nightmare USA: The Untold Story of the Exploitation Independents, FAB Press, 2007

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“An insult to women in particular and mankind in general. Call it blind filmmaking with unsightful writing.” John Stanley, Creature Features

The striking cover artwork for the film’s US video release was later modified and re-used in 1999 for The Killer Eye, an otherwise unrelated film.






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Cast and characters:

Bo Brundin … Arthur Malcolm
Ramon Gordon … (as Gordon Ramon)
Kelly Swartz … (as Kelley Swartz)
Ann Wells … (as Mary Jane Early)
Larry Hunter … Harry Silver (uncredited)
Linda Southern … Blonde hooker (uncredited)


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