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‘A Gift from Heaven… or a curse from Hell!’

The Godsend is a 1980 British horror feature film directed by Gabrielle Beaumont from a screenplay by actor Olaf Pooley (The Corpse).

The movie stars Cyd Hayman, Malcolm Stoddard and Angela Pleasence (Dr Terrible’s House of Horrible; From Beyond the Grave; Symptoms). The Cannon Group (X-RaySchizoid) production is based on the 1976 novel of the same name by Bernard Taylor that was influenced by The Omen.

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An English family of six takes in a pregnant woman who disappears shortly after giving birth. They raise the baby girl as their own, but over the years the strange deaths of their children make them consider whether the little girl is more than she appears…

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“Don’t be fooled by any resemblance in theme or plot to The Omen. This quiet little low budget English film is an exercise in extreme subtlety.” The Terror Trap

“The Godsend would have made a good one-hour TV chiller, but it’s overstretched at 90 minutes. However, there’s much fun to be had with the Little House on the Prairie-style happy families routines, the ginger kids, and guessing who Bonnie’s going to off next.” British Horror Films


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” … a flaccid affair, with little in the way of suspense, atmosphere or imagination, particularly the death scenes, which all happen off-screen.” Kultguy’s Keep

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