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Zombina and the Skeletones are a horror rock band from Liverpool, England, formed in 1998 around the nucleus of vocalist Zombina and songwriter Doc Horror. The majority of their tongue-in-cheek lyrical content deals with themes of horror and science fiction, yet their musical style is upbeat and pop oriented, with elements of garage punk, doo wop and hard rock.

Due to their obvious obsession with B Movies and black humour their fanbase extends to the gothic rock, deathrock and psychobilly scenes. They have also toured the UK with bands such as The Damned, The Misfits, and The Meteors.


Zombina met Doc Horror at school in 1998. United by a love of Halloween, horror, 50s rock’n’roll, metal and punk music, they started a band called The Deformed, producing a demo tape; “No Sleep ‘Til Transylvania”, in early 1999. This tape featured songs that would later become Zombina and The Skeletones staples; “The Grave… And Beyond!”, “Braindead” and “Leave My Brain Alone”; and established a strong B-Movie informed horror theme recalling the early efforts of The Misfits and The Cramps.


The band has released the following albums: The Eerie Years (comprises the Love Bites and Silver Bullet EPs), Taste the Blood of Zombina and The Skeletones (2002), Monsters On 45 (2006) and Out of the Crypt and Into Your Heart (2008).

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