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Eerie Publications was a publisher of black and white horror anthology comics magazines. Less well-known and more downscale than the field’s leader, Warren Publishing (CreepyEerieVampirella), the New York City-based company was one of several related publishing ventures run by comic-book artist and 1970s magazine entrepreneur Myron Fass.


Titles published during their fifteen years of operation included WeirdHorror TalesTerror TalesTales from the TombTales of Voodoo, and Witches’ Tales. All of these magazines featured grisly, lurid colour covers. New material was mixed with reprints from 1950s pre-Comics Code horror comics. Writer and artist credits seldom appeared, but included Marvel Comics penciler/inkers Dick Ayers and Chic Stone, as well as Fass himself, with brother Irving Fass and Ezra Jackson serving as art directors.



  • Horror Tales (27 issues, June 1969 – Feb. 1979)
  • Strange Galaxy (4 issues, Feb. 1971 – Aug 1971)
  • Tales from the Crypt (1 issue, July 1968)
  • Tales from the Tomb (33 issues, July 1969 – Feb. 1975)
  • Tales of Voodoo (36 issues, Nov. 1968 – Nov. 1974)
  • Terror Tales (46 issues, March 1969 – Jan. 1979)
  • Terrors of Dracula (9 issues, May 1979 – Sept. 1981)
  • Weird (69 issues, Jan. 1966 – Nov. 1981)
  • Weird Worlds (5 issues, Dec. 1970 – Aug. 1971)
  • Witches’ Tales (34 issues, July 1969 – Feb. 1975)








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