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Electric Frankenstein is an American rock band from Whippany, Clifton, and other areas of New Jersey, founded by Sal Canzonieri. Their music is generally considered punk rock, but includes elements of hard rock and heavy metal as well. Because of this, they have sometimes been referred to as AC/DC meets The Dead Boys.

The band was first formed in 1989 out of the ashes of New York City space punk band The Thing, by brothers Sal and Dan Canzonieri (a.k.a., Danny Frankenstein). With Sal on guitar and Dan on bass, their first line-up was with Frankie Orlandoni on vocals, Jim Foster on lead guitar and John Caton on drums. Within one year, Steve Miller took over as singer/vocalist and eventually also played lead guitar. Miller took time off while recording a side project, and Scott Wilkins of Verbal Abuse & Condemned to Death took over vocals for two years, after which Steve Miller returned on vocals and lead guitar. John Steele and Rob Sefcik took over alternately playing drums during the last 15 years.


The band developed a strong following in New York and by 1995, they toured nationally and internationally. After releasing singles on a handful of independent labels, they released their first vinyl EP, The Time Is Now, in 1995 that was released on CD with tracks from 7″ singles as their first full-length album. Since then, they have released over 10 albums, influencing such bands as The Hellacopters, Gluecifer, Turbonegro, and others.

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The band’s music and/or legendarily iconographic art has been featured in video games, such as Tony Hawk’s Underground, TV shows such as Viva La Bam, The X-Files, Nitro Circus, Fantasy Factory, Dawson’s Creek, and movies such as Signs, Jackass, and American Psycho 2.


Electric Frankenstein is also the first and only band so far to have a whole art book published of their record covers and concert posters, which were designed by artists such as Coop, Kozik, Johnny Ace, Art Chantry, Dirty Donny, Peter Bagge, and many more. The book, “Electric Frankenstein – High Energy Punk Rock & Roll Poster Art” and was published by Dark Horse Comics (2004).


  • The Time Is Now (1995)
  • Conquers The World (1996)
  • Sick Songs (US) / Action High (UK) (1997)
  • Spare Parts (1998)
  • Rock and Roll Monster (1999)
  • How to Make a Monster (1999)
  • Annie’s Grave (US) / Don’t Touch Me, I’m Electric (UK) (2000)
  • The Buzz of 1,000 Volts (2001) – USA
  • Listen Up, Baby! (2003)
  • Burn Bright, Burn Fast! (2005)

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The band’s somewhat self-congratulatory Wikipedia entry suggests that they may have had a hand in compiling it. Nonetheless, their horror-themed name, imagery and songs mean they should definitely be featured on moviesandmania.

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