Monsturd – USA, 2003 – reviews

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‘Don’t get caught with your pants down!’

Monsturd is a 2003 American comedy horror film co-written and co-directed by Rick Popko and Dan West.


Paul Weiner, Beth West, Dan Burr, Brad Dosland, Dan West, Rick Popko and Hannah Stangel.



Butte County: Jack Schmidt, a serial killer, escapes from a maximum security prison. Meanwhile, Doctor Stern of chemical company Dutech is conducting ‘evil experiments’ and covering up his mistakes when colleagues are fatally contaminated. The FBI corner escaped convict Schmidt and gun him down in a sewer tunnel, where he falls into a pool of toxic chemicals dumped by Doctor Stern. The apparently lethal combination of faeces and the dumped chemicals actually transforms him into a half human, half faeces creature, a monsturd, which goes on a killing rampage.

Meanwhile, the town’s annual Chilli Cook-Off is impending and a serious blow-out is expected…

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‘Showing a sense of style, a commitment to clever cinema and a brand of humour far more developed than your normal labor-of-love videodrome, this is one of the best, more entertainingly satirical monster movie massacres ever created. Like Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker and some of Troma’s more “toxic” titles, Monsturd gets it all correct: atmosphere, references, and wickedly witty execution. It can occasionally lapse into retarded toilet humour, but what do you expect from a movie with an evil entity of excrement as its lead character?’ Bill Gibron, PopMatters


‘Yes, the plot is dumb. Yes, some of the acting is amateur-ish. Yes, it’s a movie about poop… but there is something really fun about this. It’s a total gross out flick with a ton of legitimately funny, well done dick/fart/poop humor. Reminds me a lot of a Troma flick. Only gripe I have is how similar it is in plot to Jack Frost… you know… but… with POOP.’ Camp Movie Camp

‘You may be shocked to hear this, but despite a concept tailor made for some major league gross-out film Monsturd is not loaded with wall-to-wall gross-out gags or an endless stream of poop jokes. While it definitely has more than its fair share of those, the grossest being the world’s longest vomiting scene, most of the humour is a bit more subtle – and dare I say smarter… ‘ Jon Condit, Dread Central

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Choice dialogue:

‘How about you sit on my face and make me look like a glazed doughnut?’

‘What on earth would you need a million flies for?’


‘I’d like to get to the bottom of this little mystery…’

‘A giant number two killed my daddy!’

‘How do you kill a Shit Man?’




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