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The Vampire Show is a four part Danish web series, shot in 2013 and available for viewing online. The episodes total just under 90 minutes.

Shot in English, the series a parody of reality TV, and has been described by the producers as “political satire”. It follows the lives (if that’s the right word!) of a group of vampires, who are being filmed by a TV crew.

The show is the creation of Xinxin Ren Gudbjörnsson, a Chinese filmmaker living in Denmark. After applications for funding were turned down, the production was shot independently for just 660 Kroner ($121), most of which seems to have been spent on the website (visit and two pairs of plastic fangs. A crew of 20 people, including the cast, were sourced through a free casting agency and Facebook. Each episode was shot over a weekend once a month.


Unfortunately, the series is rather weak, even when you take into account the zero budget. It’s overly dark (and while studio lighting is costly, you can do wonders with a 500 watt security light and a bit of ingenuity) and rather too slow moving to be involving. More significantly, it’s not really very funny. But, we invite you to make your own mind up. Here’s the first episode – the others, along with behind the scenes footage, is on the website.

David Flint

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