FEAR CLINIC (2014) Overview



‘Face your fears’

Fear Clinic is a 2014 feature film by Robert Green Hall (Nail Gun Massacre, 2018; Laid to Rest and sequel), based upon the web series of the same name.

The movie, which was partially funded through crowdsourcing, stars Robert Englund as a psychiatrist that tries to cure phobias by using extreme methods. It also stars Thomas Dekker, Kevin Gage (AmusementJurassic City), Fiona Dourif, Cleopatra Coleman, Angelina Armani, Felisha Terrell, Bonnie Morgan, Corey Taylor (lead singer of Slipknot, StoneSour), Brandon Beemer, Ryder Gage.

The was released on theatrical film, VOD, and DVD in October 2014.


After a tragedy shatters their lives and leaves them with crippling phobias, five people decide to seek treatment through Doctor Anover (Robert Englund) and his “Fear Chamber”. In this device the patients are put into complete isolation and must face their worst fears in various nightmarish hallucinations. The patients eventually leave Andover’s care, only to return a year later when they find that their phobias are still present. However even as the patients ready themselves to re-enter Anderson’s machine, the doctor begins to wonder if there isn’t something more sinister working through his creation…


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