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Video Nasty is a six part British comic book series, first published in March 2014.

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The story takes place in 1983, and is a mix of police mystery and horror, set against the backdrop of the Video Nasty hysteria that was sweeping the UK at the time.

When a man is murdered with a Nazi dagger, the press, politicians and police Chief Constable are keen to place the blame for the killing on fans of ‘video nasties’. However, the man in charge of the investigation is not so sure…

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The story weaves fact and fiction together, with characters based on real life people (including infamous Manchester Chief Constable James Anderton, nicknamed ‘God’s Cop’) and events, and presents the often hysterical claims made about violent video while upholding them to ridicule.

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The book was written by Mario Covone and illustrated by Vasilis Logios. Each issue has cover art by Graham Humphreys, the artist responsible for the original Palace Video artwork for The Evil Dead.

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The six editions are available individually or as a complete set, both in print and as e-books. There is also a hardback version, and special edition available in VHS-style clamshell box.

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  1. Yo from lee,, I love video nasty movies , when I was an kid,, and I can draw sick,gory bloodthirsty artwork and graphics of video nasties,,if you are , really interested please give me an shout , thanks lee John Pearson.

    Also love the comics.

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