Don’t Scream: It’s Only a Movie! – UK, 1985

Horror trailers/clips compilation movie Terror in the Aisles proved to be an unexpected theatrical hit in 1984, so it’s no surprise that several imitations sprung up, and this 1985 British production is probably the most disreputable of them all – quite an achievement in a world where Terror on Tape exists!


Produced by the infamous Dick Randall and Steve Minasian, Don’t Scream: It’s Only a Movie! is directed – if that is the word to use – by Ray Selfe, a veteran of the British smut industry and more recently a film archivist who curates a vast collection of public domain material. Some of that turns up here, but mostly it’s a mix of Randall and Minasian productions / acquisitions and films that have almost certainly not been copyright cleared. Read more at MOVIES & MANIA: uncut

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    1. Adrian, it has been sent via Dropsend and has to be downloaded from there…you should have email notification. Cheers.

    1. “the youtube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement” oh well at least we finally got the opportunity to see this, albeit briefly.

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