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Zombie Zin Zinfandel is a Californian wine blended from 95% Zinfandel grapes and 5% Syrah grapes at the Chateau Diana Winery by Dawne Sacchetti. The alcohol content is 13.7%

“The Zombie Zin is sporting a new label design with a torn look, that suggests a window into another world.  The colors are more vibrant earth-tones and the capsule is a deep red.  The grapes for the Zombie are sourced throughout California, mostly from the dry, hot sandy soils of the Delta region and the Central Valley. The final blend benefitted from some inky Syrah grapes that came from the Central Coast. The wine was fermented in Stainless Steel and aged for about a half a year in American oak.

The Zombie Zinfandel is very dark in colour, almost a black-purple. The aromas are of ripe, dense black fruits and a hint of dried herbs. The flavours are complex and rich, sporting succulent blackberries, powdered cinnamon, cola and cherry jam.  Just a hint of black pepper in the long finish.

Food Parings:  Bloody BBQ meats, sinister soups with eye of newt, bubbly caldron of fleshy stew.” – official product description

zombie zin california zinfandel

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