Barnabas Vampire Van – model kit


Barnabas Vampire Van was a scale kit model of a hot rod hearse originally issued in 1969 by MPC to tie-in with the hit Dark Shadows ABC TV show. The kit has since been reissued and is available from


Oozing with enough parts to make any vampire sit up and take notice!
Blown werewolf engine, screaming hollow slicks, gravedigger shovel handle shifter, crushing wide ovals, eerie casket top rails, frightening lantern head lights, haunting lantern tail lights, death-like Barnabas figure, bloody globe side lamps, plated casket hand rails, mausoleum-styled hearse body, inviting opening rear doors, ghost-like grill work running boards and rear step, ugly trailer hitch, tomb-like trailer, sinister plated wheels.
It’s got curtained windows, side torch lights, an ornate roof rack and a coffin styled engine compartment, complete with chrome handles.
Being pulled behind is a creepy coffin trailer only a vampire could love!

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