THE HORROR OF IT ALL (1964) Reviews and overview

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horror of it all

The Horror of It All is a 1964 British comedy horror film directed by Terence Fisher from a screenplay written by Ray Russell. It was executive produced by Robert L. Lippert (WitchcraftThe Earth Dies Screaming; The Curse of the Fly; et al). 

The movie stars American pop singer Pat Boone, Erica Rogers, Dennis PriceAndree Melly (The Brides of Dracula)Valentine Dyall, Jack Bligh (Night of the Big Heat), Archie Duncan (X: The Unknown), Erik Chitty (Lust for a Vampire; The Vault of Horror), Oswald Laurence.

In the United States, The Horror of It All was released on a double-bill with another Lippert production, Witchcraft.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“At its best, The Horror of It All has an akilter kinkiness; mostly it is just silly freneticism. The film climaxes with a ridiculously contrived double twist ending. Pat Boone sings the title song in the middle of the film. The Horror of It All is usually an embarrassing black mark that is quickly passed over by those who raised Terence Fisher to cult status in the 1970s.” Moria


” … an ‘old dark house’ sort of horror/comedy that fails, in the main, because the comedy is lightweight at best and struggles to find a humorous pace (Uncle Percival (Jack Bligh) aside.” Taliesin Meets the Vampires

” …clumsy misfire…” Jonathan Rigby, English Gothic



Choice dialogue:

“Natalie drinks very little… except at night!”


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